2016 was the 20th birthday of the Armenise-Harvard Foundation.  To celebrate, we organized a public event on November 8th in “Palazzo Marino” in Milan, with the patronage of the Municipality of Milan.

A live show on science, curiosity and creativity to promote the beauty and importance of basic research. The event was in Italian and was addressed to a wide not-specialized audience.

Basic research as the engine of innovation
“The Art of Discovery” is a live show to celebrate the power, the beauty, the fun of basic research – the one that derives from scientists’ insatiable drive to answer fundamental questions about how nature works.

Though it often receives less attention than applied research, basic science is where innovation really begins. Without it, there would be no applications, no technologies, no therapies, and the whole modern science building would crumble.

Fostering collaborations across the Atlantic, the Giovanni Armenise-Harvard Foundation represents a true success story in proving the fundamental role of basic research in society.

For 20 years, the Foundation has helped scientists cultivate their basic instinct in Italy, in particular on biomedical research.

To celebrate the anniversary, some of its most outstanding scientists gathered in Milan, together with some of the most brilliant thinkers in other scientific disciplines.

From art to economy, from literature to astronomy, from music to biology: all these different fields can dialogue around the main concept of fundamental, curiosity-driven research.

During a one-day show, the speakers shared with the audience their enthusiasm and motivations, and show inspiring examples of how asking fundamental questions about the world can help changing it.

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